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Virginia Blue Bells are gorgeous flowers that add a touch of beauty to any garden.

Virginia Bluebell

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Virginia Blue Bell-Mertensia virginica Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Part to Full Shade Mature Height - 18-24" Mature Width- up to 24" Bloom Season – Spring (May) Gardener Status- Beginner

Virginia Blue Bell is a gorgeous flower that adds a touch of beauty to any garden

Botanical Latin Name: Mertensia virginica
Common Name: Virginia bluebell
Sun Exposure: partial sun exposure to complete shade
Mature Height: 2.3 feet
Spread: by seed from original plant 1’ to 2’ per year
Spacing: 9” to 12.”
Growth Rate: moderate
Flowering Time: middle to late spring to early to mid-summer with good environment and well-managed moisture
How Long It Flowers: about three weeks
Flower Color: blue
Soil Requirements: fine to medium texture, at least 100 frost-free days, low tolerance for drought, needs good drainage
Pruning: not advised, especially during the flowering season
Flower Form: A ¾” to 1” long blue flower formed in a bell-like shape with petals that do not individually separate but suggest five petals at the flower’s edge. They are on a 12” to 30” tall, light green, hairless stem with leaves of light green to grey-green and round. The leaves measure 7” long and 3” wide and are also hairless. The buds are pink. As the buds blossom, they become light pink-purple and acquire their light blue color as they mature. Each stem holds a cluster of flowers. These flowers are occasionally white or pink at maturity.

Virginia Bluebell is beautiful when it is in full bloom

Each blossom on this unique flower has approximately five petals and has a bell shape, and is a lovely sky blue color.

Blue Bells can grow to be about a foot tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. They require very little care and are rather easy to grow. They grow best in any sun conditions and well-drained soil and does need a lot of water. Gardeners who take delight in forest flowers might want to consider purchasing Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) from a tree nursery.

Virginia Bluebell is very easily propogated

Buying seeds or cuttings from a tree nursery will help the gardener to be sure that he obtains plants well-suited to his area and growing zone. Virginia bluebells are wild, perennial, flowering plants, native to the United States. They are often found, mostly, in the American Midwest, but they can also be found in other parts of North America, including much of the east coast and in Canada. Although they are native to North America, they have also been transplanted to England and are said to be popular in English gardens.

True to their common name, the flowers of the Virginia Bluebells are shaped like bells. They are usually light blue, though their buds are general pink. They grow among coarse green, oval-leafed foliage.




 Virginia Bluebell

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