Virginia Creeper

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    Virginia Creeper

    Posted by Becky on May 05, 2021

    Did great in transit. Did well with planting. Hoping they continue to grow wonderfully, but still waiting.

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    Virginia Creeper

    Posted by Heather Slone on Aug 29, 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

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Shipping Information

We dig plants when your order is received, and ship immediately via US Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number via email when plants are shipped. All plants are packed to be safe in their packages for up to 3 days after receipt.

How We Protect Your Plants For Transit

We sell only bare root plants. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. This provides superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days.

Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Open your plants and inspect the same day received. We offer 3 days to report any problems with your order. Bare root plants need to be planted within 2-3 days of receipt unless weather prohibits. Store in a cool place and keep roots moist and covered with plastic until they can be planted. Water daily for the first week after planting.


Virginia Creeper is an Edible Fruit Vine Ground Cover

The vine can grow in most types of soil and drainage. Its name helps to describe the kind of plant as it is a vine. The plant's appearance is five-pointed leaves of green during the growing season until the colder weather of fall when the leaves become a spectacular crimson color. The vine has a brown woody stem with adhesive tubers or legs that help it attach to surfaces when growing vertically.

Virginia Creeper Attracts Birds to Eat its Fruit

Virginia Creeper is a perennial vine that will bloom from June to July with green flowers that will turn to round inedible fruit that will remain on the vine. The vine grown in areas around children or pets the fruit in reaching distance should be cut off as they are toxic, But when possible leaving them on the vine will add beauty and birds enjoy eating the fruit. Virginia creeper is a vine that will grow up vertical surfaces attaching to them, so it is recommended not to grow them near homes with wood siding as it can become damaged.

Virginia Creeper will have more flowers if properly maintained.

Though the vine can be grown as ground cover and thrives equally as well as when climbing, Virginia Creeper grows in soil that is soggy to dry with light alkaline. The vine to keep it under control will require pruning, and with a bit of maintenance of annual fertilizing, it will grow lusher and have more flowers. The vine is susceptible to scale, Japanese beetles, and leafhoppers. If there are signs of these problems, you should treat the plant with insecticide.


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