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White Dogwood Seedlings is very easy to grow and maintain they are resistant to disease.

White Dogwood Seedlings

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White Dogwood Seedlings are a beautiful ornamental tree many southern states

During the Autumn season, dogwood leaves turn a beautiful deep purple reddish color which attracts songbirds to its bright color leaves. Dogwood trees are one of the most beautiful plants to plant in front of any home they can also be planted near river banks or streams. 

White Dogwood Seedlings are used for landscaping because of thier beautiful white flowers

 White Dogwood is very easy to grow and maintain they are resistant to disease. White dogwood tree bark is rich in a mineral called tannin. Dogwood berries have health benefits, and Pioneers used the bark of the tree to brush their teeth. Dogwood trees begin flowering when it is 2 to 3 years old. The tree blooms gorgeous white flower that turns to a light yellow which has a lovely aroma to smell. White Dogwood trees love moist soil base which must be drained well. White Dogwood Seedlings does not do well in soil that is wet or marshy or under direct sunlight.

White Dogwood Seedlings are very low maintenance

The average lifespan of a Dogwood Tree is 80 years. Dogwood grows to a height of 15 to 20 feet, but when they are cultivated in the shade, they can reach a height of up to 40 feet. This tree has a spread of about 25’ at its maturity. In hardiness zone, white dogwood is expected to grow to 5-9 feet. To make sure that these trees reach customers in excellent condition they are shipped in their bare-root form. Your dogwood will be as loyal to you as a best friend if you give your dogwood the amount of water that it needs.

White Dogwood Seedlings ships as Bare Root 

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