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White Pine Seedlings

White Pine Seedlings

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White Pine Seedlings - Pinus strobus is a pyramid-shaped tree growing fifty to eighty feet tall and as much as forty feet wide.

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White Pine Seedlings

White Pine Seedlings are planted as a single tree, or as a group of trees. The needles of the White Pine are soft and long and are in groupings of five. The needles will survive for two years. The needles fall off the tree in the Autumn of the second tropical year. The length of the needles is about three to five inches long and has a bluish-green color. The tree has a thin bark that is grey-brown, and when it reaches maturity, it becomes dark, and the bark is like the color of maple.

The wood of the White Pine is soft, light and small. When the White Pine is matured, a cubic foot of it weighs 25 pounds.

When the White Pine tree is growing, it takes a long time before it reaches maturity. The average growth of the White Pine tree is about two to three feet each year when planted in good soil.

The older, more mature White Pines like locations that are sunny, while the young White Pines like to be in the shade for half of the day. When the tree is in the darkness for half of the day. The trees need lots of water, and cold climates and can live up to 200 years. Overall, the White Pine Seedling needs soil that is well-drained, with average to medium moisture. It likes climates that are humid and soil that is cool and fertile. It can thrive in a vast array of the soil environment.

The growth rate is 5 to 10 years, and the zone is 3-8.

The common name for the White Pine Seedlings is Eastern White Pine. The Latin Name is Pinus. It is a non-flowering plant. The zone is 3-8, and it is an evergreen plant. At maturity, it grows to 80 feet tall but can grow to 100 feet tall if it is in the wild and spreads from 20 to 40 feet wide. It requires a medium amount of water.

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