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White Pine

White Pine

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White Pine is an evergreen which means it will keep its color year around

White Pine - Pinus Strobus - is also known as the Eastern or Northern White Pine in North America, the Weymouth Pine in the United Kingdom, and occasionally the Soft Pine. It originated in the northeastern quadrant of North America and was brought to the UK from what is now the US state of Maine by Captain George Weymouth of the British Royal Navy in 1605.

This artificial blueish-green evergreen tree can grow to be pretty majestic given time and grows well in near-arctic eastern portions of the United States and Canada. The White Pine thrives in hardiness zones 3-8. It requires full sun to partial shade, and does best in moist, acidic soils, though it will grow in almost any soil. As an evergreen, the White Pine flowers year-round.

White Pine is the tallest tree native to the Eastern half of the continent; there are reports from colonial-era writers of them reaching as high as 230 feet.

The tallest known White Pine trees now average just under 200 feet, and the mature size is about 50-80 feet high with a spread of 20-40 feet at maturity; it increases at a rate of about two feet a year. Naturalists of the past felt that there was no better tree for use as windbreaks as well as natural grandeur, and lumbermen appreciate how it is suitable for building. The tall and straight specimens were often used for ships' masts.

These days, we prefer to grow them for ornamental purposes, for building furniture, and often smaller specimens of the White Pine are used for live Christmas trees of the sort that one plants after the holiday are over. Lower branches are commonly used for other holiday purposes of wreaths and garlands. It is the Provincial tree of Ontario Canada and the State tree for Maine and Michigan. Parts of the tree are used as state symbols for Vermont and Massachusetts.

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