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Wild Dewberry Vine

Wild Dewberry Vine

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Wild Dewberry Vine is a trailing plant with sharp thorns and small berries.

The flavor of the berries are similar to raspberries, but dewberries tend to be purple or black. This plant is part of the genus Rubus and is a close cousin of the blackberry.

The plants are common all over the Northern Hemisphere and start to bloom with small white flowers in March and April. Dewberry plants are sometimes considered an encroaching weed, but in reality, the leaves can be used in tea. The berries are sweet and taste good in cobblers and jams, too.

In contrast, the European dewberry grows upright and is usually found in coastal areas. The berries are nearly black and coated with a waxy substance that resembles droplets. This coating makes the berries appear to be a sky-blue color. The flavor of this variety of dewberries tends to be tart.

Wild Dewberry Vine is a small berry commonly found in many parts of the United States and North America.

Trailing along the ground rather than upright, they are similar in taste to raspberries. While some people see them as a nuisance weed, people have discovered just how tasty they can be when the leaves are made into a tea, and the berries turned into jelly or used as a filling for cookies and pies.

When the berries get ripe, Wild Dewberry Vine can be hard to pick, but those who love the fruit find it well worthwhile to do so. Many people see that the berries have fewer seeds than blackberries, making them easier to turn into jellies and jams. The sweet fruit also helps the add a much-needed sweetness to any cake or pie that can easily substitute for sugar.

While the berries get ripe during the spring and summer, the plant of the dewberry has leaves that will stay on the vine for much of the year, making it easy to identify them as long as the picker knows what they are. Those who love berries find this one to be a highly versatile fruit that can be turned from vine-ripened fruit to many kinds of food items.

Wild Dewberry Vine


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