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Wild Grape Vine

Wild Grape Vine

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Climate zone: 2-9, Mature height: 15-20 ft, Soil conditions: Moist, well-drained, Sunlight: Full sun, Ship as: Bareroot

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Wild Grape Vine is excellent to have around the house for multiple reasons.

This plant produces fruit that is edible for both humans and animals. The plant also grows very well on trees and, fences, and arbors. This climbing ability to makes them useful in many beautiful ways. The edible fruit isn’t bad either. Who doesn't love a good, sweet-smelling grape?

With the wild grapevine you can pretty much plant it and train it the way that you want it to, or you can let it go, it's up to you and depends on where you want to grow it and the look you are shooting for. The wild grapevine is fast growing so it can spread quickly.

 Wild Grape Vine


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