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Willow Oak is a large and very nice tree.

Willow Oak Seedlings

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Latin Name- Quercus Phellos Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 60-80 ft Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Full Sunshine

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Willow Oak Seedlings are large trees that is easy to care for

The most obvious characteristic of a large Willow Oak Tree is its tall stature and a thick trunk. The height of a full-fledged Willow Oak Tree is 60 to 80 feet tall; some trees can even grow to staggering 120 feet high. Additionally, its trunk usually measures 6 to 10 feet in width.

Willow Oak Seedlings are the perfect addition to a backyard for their beautiful presence and ability to produce shade

Unlike other Oaks that grow rounded leaves with lobes, the Willow Oak grows elongated 5” leaves that have no teeth, which is how you can distinguish the Willow Oak from the Willow. Also, the Willow Oak produces yellowish to pale green catkins that adorn the tree beautifully.
The Willow Oak Tree grows in most soil conditions, yet it prefers soils that are somewhat moist and well-drained. When it is placed in an area that offers full or partial sun, these trees prosper and gain vitality. Additionally, the Willow Oak has a long lifespan; in fact, some trees can even live to be 75 years old.

Leaves: elongated 5” long leaves that measure 1” in width
Height: 60 to 120 feet in height
Bark: grayish-brown
Flower: yellow-green catkins
Width: a couple of feet across
Fruit: sweet acorns

Willow Oak Seedlings need moist soil to partial shade and is a great tree to plant along walkways, driveways, and sidewalks

This is a significant and lovely tree. The Willow Oak is a tree that is very easy to care for and will give your home a unique look. The willow oak tree can grow in zones from 5-9 throughout the majority of the United States except in parts of the upper northern region close to Canada, such as North Dakota and Minnesota and makes an excellent ornamental tree or shade tree.

The best time to plant the tree is in the early spring. If using an acorn to start a tree, the acorns must be kept cool and damp during the winter months.

The tree is also used to make panels for homes, pulpits, and pews for churches, bar tops, and stairs for homes and businesses. Many small animals such as squirrels, deer, and birds are happy to see this tree since it produces many acorns for them to eat. The leaves of the tree turn different colors depending on which season it is. During the summer the leaves are light and dark green, and during the autumn the leaves are yellow or a russet red.

The willow oak tree can grow from a low height of forty feet to as high as sixty feet. Once the willow oak tree has reached its full growth, the width of the tree can be from thirty to forty feet around. The tree grows much better if it is placed where the sun can shine on it entirely. The tree grows well in a variety of soils from the acid soil, dry soil, moist soil, sandy soil, wet soil and clay soil. The tree likes acid soil and full sun the best but does well in other types of soil and weather conditions.


 Willow Oak Seedlings

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