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Willow oak is great for wildlife lovers because it produces acorns that feed deer, squirrels, and some birds.

Willow Oak Trees

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Latin Name- Quercus Phellos Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 60-80 ft Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Full Sunshine

Willow Oak Tree is the perfect addition to a backyard or a lawn because of its beautiful presence

The most obvious characteristic of a large Willow Oak Tree is its tall stature and a thick trunk. Unlike other Oaks that grow rounded leaves with lobes, the Willow Oak grows elongated 5” leaves that have no teeth, which is how you can distinguish the Willow Oak from the Willow. Also, the Willow Oak produces yellowish to pale green catkins that adorn the tree beautifully. 

Willow Oak Tree is a very low maintenance tree

The Willow Oak Tree grows in most soil conditions, yet it prefers soils that are somewhat moist and well-drained. When it is placed in an area that offers full or partial sun, these trees prosper and gain vitality. Additionally, the Willow Oak has a long lifespan; in fact, some trees can even live to be 75 years old.

Willow Oak Tree is a vast but beautiful tree to have with lots of shade

The willow oak is excellent for wildlife lovers because it produces acorns that feed deer, squirrels, and some birds. It is considered an attractive shade tree to have around the house. During the fall its leaves turn a beautiful bright yellow that will stun you every time you see it. This is a significant but very lovely treed. This tree is easy to care for and will give your home a unique look.

Willow Oak Trees


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