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The Winterberry is a deciduous shrub that is very easy to grow with very few diseases or incest problems.

This shrub tends to be as comprehensive as what it is tall, and its stems are typical a dark brown with a gray overtone. The leaves are approximately 3-inches long, toothed and pointed. The coloration of Winterberry leaves can vary from a very light to very dark green, but they all turn a warm shade of yellow in the fall. This shrub flowers during the summer months and then brilliant red berries appear as autumn sets in. These berries stay throughout the winter months and attract a wide variety of birds. This shrub is dioecious, so it is best to put one male plant within a cluster of female bushes. The Winterberry shrub occurs naturally in swamps and wetlands, but it can proliferate in evenly moist, acid soils. This colorful shrub can be massed together for a natural look, or it can stand alone in a formal garden.

The Winterberry plant is a prized ornamental plant for gardens.

It’s a beautiful shrubbery that shines in the winter months. Perfect for landscapes that desire some color during the winter months. The creamy white flowers bloom during the spring are small in diameter and consist of five, sometimes eight petals.

The shrubs glossy green leaves are deciduous but make up for it with its midwinter splash of red drupes from the densely packed berries. The berries work wonderfully in your floral arrangements or draped between dishes to decorate your holiday table.

This hedge is not only lovely during the winter months covered in snow, but the fruits will be a welcoming feast for birds as they migrate making this a functional bush as well as beautiful.

Perfect in landscapes as hedges or barriers when planted in groups along a yard line.

Planting a few in the front of the home can provide an excellent barrier from the yard to windows while giving the yard a nice put together look.


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