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Wintercreeper is an excellent ground cover plant.

 The leaves are variegated meaning some parts of the plant are green while other parts are a different color. The colors of this plant are usually green, dark green and white. The edges of the leaves are slightly wavy and toothed and have a smooth and leathery texture. It's an evergreen plant, which means it stays green all year long.

The winter-creeper could be used to fill in a garden and other open areas.

This plant is also natural to take care of. It needs to be watered regularly to develop a better, more extensive root system. After they've matured, they can withstand dry conditions and don't require much water. The plant can grow well in either full or partial sun exposure. It is also considered shade tolerant. It can grow in any soil as well.The winter-creeper seeds spread to various places by water, birds, and other small animals. These plants can also develop as vines. They can grow up to 40 to 70 feet. Sometimes they are pruned to keep them under control. They grow quickly even if the growing conditions are dangerous. The winter-creeper is also called Euonymus fortunei. It's a part of the flowering plant species and is in the Celastraceae family. This is a great plant for beginning gardeners because they can withstand dry conditions and don't require much watering.  

The Wintercreeper was originated in China, Japan, Korea, Philippines and the Ryukyu Islands. In 1970, it was brought into the United States as a fancy, decorative ground cover. The winter-creeper is named after Robert Fortune, a plant explorer. In the United States, they are usually found in gardens, alongside roads, forests, floodplains, and grasslands. Many online stores and nurseries in the United States sale the winter-creeper plant.

Wintercreeper Ships as Bare Root 

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