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Wire Sedge (Carex lasiocarpa)is also known as the slender sedge or woolly fruit sedge.

Wire Sedge

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Latin Name- Panicum Flexile Hardy Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 3-6ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


Wire Sedge (Carex lasiocarpa)is also known as the slender sedge or woolly fruit sedge

Wire Sedge can be mistaken as wire-grass, but even though it looks like it, it belongs to a separate family called a sedge. This plant is round in cross-section and very tough. This gives them the strength to withstand wind and rain in their environment. They have hairless leaves and may be slightly rough at the tip end. They can grow to nearly 4 feet tall with the leaves originating near the base of the stem. The seed of this plant matures in late spring to midsummer.

Wire Sedge has rhizomes underground that grow out horizontally and give it a great success of growth

Using these rhizomes allows it to form large colonies. The basal sheaths are red to purple and usually fibrous. These traits of the plant will enable them to be separated from other sedges. This is a perennial clonal species that enjoys growing on bays that are protected from waves. They can create floating mats that allow the growth of other plants such as moss, shrubs, orchids, and carnivorous plants.

Wire Sedge is a wetland grass found in marshes

This plant provides an environment for plants to grow where they usually would not be able to with the conditions. These types of plants are common in acidic wetlands and lake shores across most of central and northern Minnesota; they are also found in areas with marshes due to them liking water. In the 1890’s these plants were harvested and shipped to a company factor in St. Paul, Minnesota where they were woven into carpets and mats in the Japanese style favorite during that time. Now a day the plant is found in the Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area in Minnesota. It’s a typical plant that is not endangered or threatened.

 Wire Sedge




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