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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

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The Witch Hazel family is made up of deciduous shrubs, small trees, and a few large trees.

When the trees flower you will see berries from the previous year simultaneously on the tree with the new bulbs. They are very popular as ornamental plants because of their yellow to reddish-orange flowers.The plant has astringent properties and is used in a variety of medical treatments. It is used for fighting acne, externally on bruises and swelling, and other home and commercial remedies.

Witch Hazel makes a great landscaping plant, and with the many varieties it comes in it shouldn't be hard to find the right one for your garden space.

The Witch Hazel or Hamamelis Virginiana is a shrub, but due to its horizontal growth and large trunks, it is commonly considered a tree. This is regarded as a “winter bloom” species because it blooms anywhere from October to March. The leaves of the Witch Hazel are approximately 3 to 6 inches long and have scalloped edges that turn from a bright yellow to subtle red hues in fall. The fragrant flowers are a brilliant yellow with one inch, ribbon-shaped petals. These flowers stay in bloom throughout the winter, and as the flowers begin to fade, a fruit pod is produced that will remain present until the next fall. The Witch Hazel attracts numerous wildlife species from squirrels and chipmunks to beavers and deer. This tree is one of the hardiest varieties and can withstand extreme cold and winds. They are also deficient maintenance without requiring any fertilizers and can tolerate almost any soil conditions.

This tree is perfect for winter landscaping, small gardens, as a privacy shrub, or planted under taller trees.

Zones: 3-8
Mature Height: 15 -30 feet tall
Width: 15-25 feet wide
Shape: irregular shape
Growth: medium growth
Sunlight: does well in both full sun and partial shade.
Soil: tolerant of various soil conditions but prefers moist soil
Botanical name- Hamamelis

Witch Hazel


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