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Woodland Sedge will also do very well in your natural areas.

Woodland Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Digitalis Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height-2ft Sun Or Shade-Partial Shade


Woodland sedge is a perennial plant that is native to the eastern and middle of North America

It grows in the shade, partial shade, sun and thrives well in moist soils. Wetland and forest areas are best for woodland sedge to succeed.

Woodland Sedge can grow anywhere from six inches to twenty inches. The plants have long, thin green leaves. During the summer the woodland sedge can grow fruits. They produce approximately four to eighteen fruits. Each fruit is in a green, pod-like protective casing that grows on the end of each stem that rises from the plant.

Woodland Sedge has begun to become famous in gardens and for lawns

The wide range of climates that the woodland sedge can thrive in makes it easy to grow in nearly any North American backyard. Forest and wetland areas are all capable of making woodland sedge flourish. It looks beautiful as an alternative to grass for lawns. It is far more comfortable to maintain a sedge lawn, then a grass lawn. You don't need to mow or treat a sedge lawn with chemicals. Woodland Sedge additionally can be used around flowers or other garden plants.

Woodland Sedge is wonderful for planting around a pond or lake

 This is an excellent sedge to plant around a lake and pond. It will also do very well in your natural areas. It is very adaptable to all soil conditions. It will grow back year after year. If you want a plant that is versatile and is easy to take care of this is your grass. 

Woodland Sedge




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