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Worm castings

Worm Castings – 5 Gallon Bags

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Worm Castings 5-gallon bags

Worm Castings is a very natural way to fertilize flower gardens and also vegetable gardens.

When it is added to soils from previous years, it slowly decomposes to help bring life and make the soil conditions rich again. It is packed with nutrients that are very important to growing healthy plants such as nitrogen, carbon, calcium and also magnesium. This is a very organic way to create beautiful plants as they become and they are all free from harmful chemicals. It can also be purchased in five-gallon bags which makes it very easy to apply to all garden areas and around shrubs and trees from this tremendous online nursery. This great fertilizer is made of worm poo and is the wealthiest fertilizer available. This is an excellent way of putting nutrients back into the areas where manure is needed. It is also very affordable in price from this nursery. Worm Castings


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