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Red Chokeberry Shrub is dense shrubs that sport lovely five-petaled white flowers during the spring, and have leaves that turn a beautifully vivid red in the fall.

Red Chokeberry Shrub

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Latin Name- Aronia Arbutifolia Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 3-5 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

Red Chokeberry Shrub is native to North America

Their USDA hardiness zones are 4 through 9. They require full to partial sun to grow and well-drained, moist soil. The trees will also tolerate dry or clay soil and harsh weather conditions. At maturity, their height reaches 6 to 8 feet, and their width is between 3 to 4 feet. The tree's leaves are shiny green on top and fuzzy on the bottom. They grow bright red berries, which are a food source for birds year round. The scientific name for this species is Aronia arbutifolia.

Red Chokeberry Shrub blooms during the months of Summer with some of the most beautiful white blooms. The Red Chokeberry grows to an average of 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide. This plant is also known to be fantastic for most all landscaped areas due to the fact it adapts well to most any soil and can be planted in both full or partial sunlight. This is also an excellent plant for those with little time to prune. This plant requires minimal trimming and maintenance, making it perfect for offices and any place of business where it could be unmaintained for any period.

Red Chokeberry Shrub is dense shrub that sports lovely five-petaled white flowers during the spring

Their bold coloring makes them a top choice for brightening and decorating gardens as a ground cover. They often reach 6 - 8 feet tall, though their growth is slow.

In late summer they develop red berries, which can be eaten raw. These berries flourish throughout the fall and winter. Frequently the fruit of this shrub is used for wines or processed for other confections. These berries have recently been found to be very high in vitamin C, making them a healthy treat.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Aronia Arbutifolia

Shrub Height: six to eight feet

Shrub Spread: three to nine feet

Soil Type: Can grow in wet to dry soils

Sun: Full of partial sunlight

This beautiful fruit-bearing shrub requires minimal maintenance, which is another reason it is often featured in gardens. It is a plant that will develop suckers, so these must be trimmed back if the spread of the shrub is not desired. It can also flourish in the shade. However, the number of berries will be affected by sun exposure. Lower amounts of sun will lead to lower bounties of fruit.

Red Chokeberry Shrub has vivid red foliage in the fall

This bush is often found in the wetland, swampy areas because the wildlife loves them. Many animals such as birds, deer, and other animals thrive on their nutrients and vitamins to keep them full and healthy. The berries on this plant are small, red berries and are also edible to humans but most of the time the wildlife beat them to it. This plant loves partial shade to full shade and wet soil to thrive well.

 Red Chokeberry Shrub


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