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Wildflowers can be an excellent addition to any garden setting

They can add a pop of color and a pleasant aroma that brightens up the scenery. Here are our top 5 picks for wildflowers that are perfect for any garden.


Our first pick for wildflowers is Chicory plants. These are species from the dandelion family and have a woody appearance. These are distinguished by their bright blue flowers and are commonly found on the side of prairie roads in North America and Europe. This species flowers from July until October and are therefore seen for several months of the year. There are many uses for Chicory, and it is commonly used as a coffee substitute, oat substitute, and even used as a form of alternative medicine. To grow this plant, you should find a place that receives moderate sunlight and has a climate around or below 75 degrees. They require 1-2 inches of water per week to ensure moist soil. Chicory is a beautiful addition to a woodland garden and provides lovely hints of color.


Cone-flowers - a purple wildflower


Another popular choice for garden wildflowers is Coneflowers. These flowers require total sun exposure to grow properly. They typically bloom in the Summer and Fall seasons; You can find this species in various colors, including pink, blue, orange, purple, and red. Birds and bees are attracted to this species. This type of flower is quite resilient and thrives in plentiful sunshine. You can expect them to grow up to 4 feet in length. They also grow relatively quickly. Don't be alarmed if your flowers don't bloom right away because these plants typically take 2-3 years before blooming begins. Other benefits of this type of flower include its resilience to deer and healing properties to soothe a sunburn.


A more attractive option for garden wildflowers is the Red Lobelia plant. These plants are a shocking shade of red Given the name and make for a vibrant garden space. These showy flowers grow best in full sun or partly sunny areas. A Red Lobelia plant requires a moderate amount of water but doesn't require too much maintenance. These are naturally found in swampy, wooded areas and grow between 2 and 4 feet high. This species blooms from July to September and works excellent in moist garden settings.


May Apple Plants


Another species that works excellent in gardens is the May Apple plant. This species is not as vibrant as the previous plants. However, it is a charming addition to a woodland garden setting. These are unique. There is an umbrella-like leaf that blooms each Spring. Once these begin to grow, they form large colonies. These do produce some flowers that are usually hidden by the dense foliage. If you look closely, you will notice small white flowers on the stems of each plant. To survive, these require partial to full shade and a moist environment. These are not showy plants, but they do make a cute addition to a woodland garden.


Trillium Plants


Our final pick for wildflowers that are often used in garden spaces is Trillium Plants. This species grows best in partially shaded environments and damp soil. Trillium is usually found with red, white, or yellow flowers that bloom in early Spring. You can expect these to grow 12 to 18 inches tall, with three leaves on each stem surrounding the bulb. These are tough plants and will survive despite droughts or flooding. If you are looking for a resilient and elegant plant, this is one of our top choices for wildflowers.

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