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    Wool Grass

    Posted by Willy Stan on Jan 28, 2022

    A perfect accent to other water growing green grasses. Automatically adapts in the assigned season and looks good as it blends with other varieties

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    Wool Grass

    Posted by Wanda Morrison on Aug 29, 2019

    looks good with the other wild flowers

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Wool Grass stays a Tall Growing Grass. 

Wool Grass or Scirpus cyperinus is a part of the Cyperaceae family. Wool Grass may very well be the reason many people worldwide keep up with lawn maintenance since it can grow to be the height of an average American male and resembles the grass in your front yard.

Wool Grass stays Green and has Shading Continuing During that Time until Significant Ice Hits It.

Around six feet in height is the maturity for this plant and usually is the same color as good old natural grass even though it can be found in brown. Wool Grass is notably Marsh and slender and prefers wet soil or the least moisture within the earth.

This is why wool grass is usually found in the wetlands or ditches of the world. It needs full to partial sunlight as most plants need maximum potential at maturity. The plant is more prevalent in North America, Eastern United States, and Canada. Swamps, ditches, and meadows are the happy home of this woolly. The hardy zones are between 4-8. Blooming periods for wool grass are within the hottest points of the year, which is summertime. Wool Grass

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Wool Grass is an Easily Identifiable, Long Flat Leaf Perennial

Wood Grass is easily identifiable. It has long and flat leaves, and the large panicles are plume-like. It is a perennial grass that can reach one to two feet in height. This grass was sought after; used as hay for animals and farming. Wood Grass maintains a beautiful medium green color and is hairless grass.

Wool Grass is a lovely photographic grass during the autumn months as the ends turn into a wheat-colored brown, oblong-shaped grain. Wood Grass can be used as a decorative accent to landscape design and looks stunning along walkways with flowers incorporated to add color contrast. Wood Grass thrives best in shaded areas.

The wool grass is also known as Scirpus cyperinus. This plant originates from the Sedge family, and it contains a tuft comprising sterile shoots. The wool grass is tall with leafy shoots with stout culms with terminal inflorescences. Wool grass grows in dense clumps dominated by arching basal leaves.

The plants produce upright and unbranched culms comprising ascending medium green leaves. In summers, these culms receive toppings of dark green rounded inflorescences. This plant is a clumping bulrush dominating wet areas. It is beneficial to wildlife and an excellent stabilizer for soil.

Wool Grass is Beneficial to Wildlife as Well as an Excellent Soil Stabilizer 

The beautiful golden brown branches of seed clusters appear next. The achene seed of wool grass comprises unique bristles that give the heads of the grain a wooly appearance bordering an attractive look. This combination is too harsh for young manicured gardens.

Therefore, it means that the tenacious roots and rhizomes of the wool grass work correctly with restoration projects, soggy sites possessing erosion issues, and rain gardens. The wool grass is native to the southern Canadian provinces. It also vastly extends to the United States of America. This plant species is adamant in the Northeast area of the Coastal Plain.

The blades of the leaves have a medium green color with indented longitudes. The sheaths of the leaves are medium Green, veined longitudinally, and closed. The leaves of the shoots are similar, be it infertile or fertile. The lush leaves are, however, smaller compared to the sterile fronds. The habitats of wool grass include sandy to non-sandy wetlands, meadows found in the sedge, marshes, swamps, shorelines, and ditches.

Wool Grass is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Fast Shipping and Low Rates


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