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Yellow Daylily is the Perfect Perennial Due to its Variety of Shapes, Sizes, and Vibrant Colors

Yellow Daylily is frequently referred to as the perfect perennial for reasons that take in its various shapes and sizes, the full scope of vibrant colors, and minimum care requirements in many climates. While daylilies will get more prominent in the everyday garden dirt, they do even better when the soil has been modified with fertilizer or well-matured manure. Yellow daylilies will thrive in places that are too wet or too dry for other plants.

Daylilies Adore the Sun and Thrive Beside Sidewalks and in Containers

Yellow daylily plant height and width range from 1 to 3 feet, and Yellow Daylily bloom time starts in the early fall and continues through early and late summer. While the daylily colors range from almost white to red-purple, yellow and gold are the primary species colors. The yellow Daylily is made up of four distinct growing sections. The roots, which are long, slight, and fibrous and take in water and minerals; the leaves, which are also long and slender and arranged opposite each other and the crown, which is the stem of the plant and situated between the roots and the leaves. The fourth part, the scape, is a leafless stalk that sustains the flowers.

Daylily flower has three petals and three sepals, while the flower's core is more often than not a different color.

Yellow daylilies are known for their toughness as Yellow Daylily increases, and to get Yellow Daylily off to a great start, one should plant them in early spring while the plants are still undeveloped. While yellow daylilies are well suited for setting up as edging along a fence or beside a walk, they have grown well in containers for many years.

Yellow Daylily ships as Bare Root 

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Yellow Daylily Plant - Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

The Yellow Daylily Plant has lemony-yellow blooms that are 4" in diameter. The trumpet-shaped flower blooms in May and June. Six big petals open wide and give off a sweet fragrance. The flower sits on a scape almost 3' tall above the clump of medium-green strap-shaped leaves. The flower blooms for one day, then wilts; other blossoms will open the next day. Yellow Daylily plants are very hardy and adaptable. They grow in well-drained, average soil; These plants love full sun but can tolerate shade well. Summer heat, poor soil, and high humidity will not kill the plants. They are easy to grow, and they multiply quickly.

Yellow Daylily are Easy to Grow and Multiply Quickly and Look Excellent around Decks and Natural Areas

These plants will also crowd out weeds. The leaves provide contrast and color even when the plant is not blooming. Plant the Yellow Daylily in clumps along borders for a beautiful yellow show in summer. Deadhead the plants and remove the scapes after the flowers bloom for a neat appearance. As the plants multiply, divide them in the fall for the best growth and flowers next year. The Yellow Daylily is an adaptable flower that readily takes to different soil types. The yellow flower produced has a slight fragrant odor, ranging in many different color yellows.


Once placed in the soil, they will bloom even in the most complex soils like clay or soils that don't get a lot of water. The bulbs can be planted and will rapidly spread and multiply over time. They can easily be dug up or broken apart at the base and replanted in other places and areas. They look good when grown around a deck, natural area with different plants this size, or groundcovers because of the distinct height difference.

Yellow Day Lily is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Quick Shipping and Low Prices


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    Great yellow perennials

    Posted by Stella Layne on Dec 01, 2022

    These beautiful yellow flowers go great with the rest of my flowers.

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