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Trees Are The Single Most Important And First Thing One Notices When Entering A Residence.

Trees not only raise a homes value but they add instant gratification where there once was just dirt and a foundation. Trees provide wind barriers, shade and also adds value in appraisals and home equity. Trees are a natural source of oxygen and longevity often belived by the native americans.

Top Selling Trees are the Paulownia, also known as the Empress or Princess Tree. It's a super fast growing tree and provides lovley lilac colored blooms in the spring and has an awesome fragrance too as well as needed shade for homeowners.

Flowering Tree favorites includes the Pink Flowering Dogwood Trees. It has a delicate pink bloom with the bloodstain petal edges often referred to as the blood stains of Christ because he was hung on a dogwood tree.

Other favorites are the native trees like the Red Maple, Silver Maple, and Tulip Poplar Trees.These are fast growing shade trees that offer instant results when planted on a new construction site.

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USDA Certified Trees: Grower Direct from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery