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  • American Boxwood
    $1.39 American Boxwood
    American Boxwood is a very nice upright evergreen that is used by many in landscaping Zone 4-9 Mature Width: 4-6 feet wideGrowth/Year: 1-2'Sunlight: full sun to partial shadeSoil Conditions: acidic, loamy, moist, sandy,...
  • American Elm Tree
    $10.99 Choose Options American Elm Tree
    American Elm Tree   The wood of the American elm is tough and light brown. It doesn't split easily and the wood is used for barrels, wagon wheels and farm implements. The bark has a strong fiber that was used for rope...
  • Autumn Blaze Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)
    $10.99 Choose Options Autumn Blaze Maple
      Autumn Blaze Red Maple     The Autumn Blaze Maple is a lovely tree that will bring a burst of color to your lawn each Autumn. It will provide you with love red, orange and yellow colors for you to...
  • Black Cherry Trees
    $10.99 Choose Options Black Cherry Trees
    Black Cherry Trees   The main attraction for the Black Cherry Trees is the fruit. This tree is best left growing in large, open and sunny locations because of its size. Black cherry trees can grow to an...
  • Black Gum Tupelo
    $44.00 Choose Options Black Gum
        The Black Gum tree or Nyssa Sylvatica is a slow growing hardwood in the Tupelo family. These majestic trees are extremely hardy and have been known to live for over 400 years. The Black Gum is considered one...
  • Black Oak Tree
    $10.99 Choose Options Black Oak Tree
      Black Oak     The Black Oak Tree or Quercus Velutina is a fast growing, medium to large tree that is commonly found in the Eastern United States and Canada. Their summer leaves are a shiny dark green,...
  • Pinus Echinata - Shortleaf Pine
    $10.99 Choose Options Black Pine
       Pinus Nigra or better known as Black Pine. This is an evergreen tree which grows in cold climates and can be found in the cold regions of Europe and North America. The Black Pine Tree is a member of the...
  • Box Elder Trees
    $44.00 Choose Options Box Elder Trees
      This tree is a very interesting tree that is a member of the maple family. Although it is from the maple family, it is quite different from a typical maple tree. The Box Elder is perfect for areas that...
  • Boysenberry Plants
    $44.00 Choose Options Boysenberry Plants
    Boysenberry  This  berry is a lovely made man cross between a black berry, raspberry and a Logan berry. This lovely Berry plant were created in 1923 an have been a favorite berry since then. This boysenberry...
  • Brandywine Maple
    $10.99 Choose Options Brandywine Maple
     Brandywine Maple   Acer rubrum x "Brandywine" is known as the Brandywine Maple and grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones four through eight. This deciduous tree grows to 25 feet, with a...
  • California Privet
    $10.99 Choose Options California Privet
      California Privet is a hardy, evergreen varietal of the Common Privet, and like the Common Privet, is often mass-planted to fashion a hedge plant for privacy or security. The Privet Shrub is a semi-evergreen shrub...
  • Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood Tree
    $1.45 Choose Options Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood Tree
    Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood Tree It can grow up to roughly 20 to 30 feet in height. When it’s matured the width stretches to roughly 20 to 25 feet. Cherokee Dogwood has been used for Inks,Mallets and Gold Club...
  • Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree
    $1.45 Choose Options Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree
    Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree It can grow up to roughly 20 to 30 feet in height. When it’s matured the width stretches to roughly 20 to 25 feet. Pink Dogwood has been used for Inks,Mallets and Gold Club Heads because...
  • Chestnut Oak Seedlings
    $0.29 Choose Options Chestnut Oak Seedlings
      This tree can grow up to 60-70 feet tall. Many love this tree because it can reach outward widths of up to 50 feet and as you see can get quite massive. This tree produces a small nut called the chestnut which...
  • Chestnut Oak
    $44.00 Choose Options Chestnut Oak Tree
    Chestnut Oak Tree   The Chestnut Oak Tree is a species of the whit oak group. It is from the United States and is located in the eastern side of the states. It is also sometimes called "rock oak" because of montane...
  • Chinaberry Tree
    $10.99 Choose Options Chinaberry Tree
      Chinaberry is able to grow up to 50 feet in height and 25 feet in width.Its often considered as a weed tree in the Southeastern United States so it is not widely available to most nurseries. It can grow just about...
  • Chinkapin Oak
    $10.99 Choose Options Chinkapin Oak
    Chinkapin Oak   The Chinkapin Oak Tree is a wonderful specimen: its leaves glisten in the morning sun, the sweet acorns that it produces attracts an abundance of wildlife, its dense foliage provides the ideal amount...
  • Crepe Myrtle
    $44.00 Choose Options Crepe Myrtle
        The Lagerstroemia,or as is commonly referred to as the Crepe Myrtle is a very beautiful, colorful plant. I can get quite large up to 100 feet in size but most are a large shrub like tree getting anywhere from...
  • Devils Walking Stick
    $44.00 Choose Options Devils Walking Stick
      This is a great shrub for any lawn or landscape.  It can grow to be as high as 20 feet.  It will grow well in full sunlight and partial shaded areas.  This shrub will thrive in moist and well...
  • Dogwood  Grey
    $10.99 Choose Options Dogwood Grey
     Dogwood  Grey The Dogwood Grey is a very popular shrub. This plant is seen everywhere from dense woods to in town parks. This lovely shrub is great to have anywhere. The shrubs leaf color turns a beautiful...

Trees Are The Single Most Important And First Thing One Notices When Entering A Residence.

Trees not only raise a homes value but they add instant gratification where there once was just dirt and a foundation. Trees provide wind barriers, shade and also adds value in appraisals and home equity. Trees are a natural source of oxygen and longevity often belived by the native americans.

Top Selling Trees are the Paulownia, also known as the Empress or Princess Tree. It's a super fast growing tree and provides lovley lilac colored blooms in the spring and has an awesome fragrance too as well as needed shade for homeowners.

Flowering Tree favorites includes the Pink Flowering Dogwood Trees. It has a delicate pink bloom with the bloodstain petal edges often referred to as the blood stains of Christ because he was hung on a dogwood tree.

Other favorites are the native trees like the Red Maple, Silver Maple, and Tulip Poplar Trees.These are fast growing shade trees that offer instant results when planted on a new construction site.

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