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Pink Dogwood Trees

Sale price$89.99

Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
lokus ngo
great plant

Healthy plants as expected with good root.

Angelina Watson
Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood

This tree stands out from among my garden plants in the yard. This sight just gives one a very pretty effect.

A Lougheed
3 Dogwoods

In great shape and just as advertised. Shipped perfect during the fall before the snow.

Dana Brown
Wonderful absolutely great

I bought one of these trees last year it bloomed beautifully the white blooms have a red cross in the center I am absolutely in love with my dogwood tree

Amanda Garner
Dogwood Trees

A great selection of trees.

The Pink Dogwood is a small to medium-sized tree that can quickly grow in smaller places. It is a moderate grower at 2 to 3 feet per year. These are complex and easy to grow. They prefer moist and acidic soil with good drainage. They come in several colors: white, rose, and red.

Birds Love The Pink Dogwood 

The first option is the red. The consumer can get it in tree or shrub form, but either type is an excellent addition to the person's yard. Since this kind produces berries, birds and other small animals are attracted to the yard. People also enjoy the way the seven-foot-tall type looks during the winter. The bark remains dark red throughout the winter, producing white flowers in summer and fall. Deer do not like to eat this kind, which is often drought-resistant.

The Pink Dogwood Tree Is Hardy 

Pink Dogwood is another good option for your yard, as it is prevalent in the southern part of the United States. It will often grow to be about twenty or thirty feet tall, but it could be slightly shorter or taller than this estimate. You only need a little maintenance because it will become a hardy type. The bright red fruits that grow on it will attract wildlife into the yard.

They are good options for consumers who are looking to buy some.

The Pink Dogwood Tree Is A Small Tree

It is known for its low-to-the-ground branches and ability to spread horizontally. It makes white flower bracts, which are sometimes mistaken for flower petals. These are the same as those usually no more than 15 feet tall. One unique fact about it is that it can be broad and tall and grow to be 15 feet full.

The Pink Dogwood Tree Reaches 15-30 Feet Tall

It is yet another good option for your yard. They will often grow to fifteen to thirty feet high, and the with can be just as high as the height—many people who buy this plant like its ornamental appeal. Also, the bracket is oversized and has turned a rose color over the past few years.

Any four of these trees will be an excellent addition to your yard, so many are highly recommended!