5 Easy Ferns For Beginners

5 Easy Ferns For Beginners

Ferns are some of the gorgeous non-flowering woodland plants in North America. Native ferns are plentiful, hardy, and resilient. While some can be tricky to grow, here are five choices sure to thrive!

Christmas Ferns

Christmas Ferns  are native ferns to North America. They get their name from being hardy, evergreen ferns, keeping their green color year-round. Their leaves are shiny and leathery in texture. It is a clumping fern but still can be used as a ground cover. This species of fern is non-invasive.

As with all fern varieties, the Christmas Fern must be in a well-draining, shaded area. Too much water and sunlight can cause damage to the plant. It also does not do well in clay-based soils. Be sure to plant in moistened, mostly shaded areas for the best results.

Hay Scented Ferns

Hay scented ferns get their name from their smell, often compared to freshly cut hay when it is crushed or dried. This gives it a massive distinction from other ferns, as its look can sometimes be mistaken for the Lady fern.

The plant is light in color and fine in texture. These are a bit larger, growing 3-6 feet. Its fronds have a very soft, bushy surface. Like most other ferns, it prefers moist, sterile soil with the yellow sun.

Ostrich Ferns

Ostrich ferns are luscious, sprawling ferns that get their name likely from the resemblance to ostrich tail feathers. 

Ostrich ferns grow very well in areas that are heavily shaded and damp. This gives you an option for planting a beautiful woodland fern where nothing else seems to thrive.

They grow 3 to 6 feet high and equally around. They are considered fiddlehead ferns due to their shape.They are fabulous for using shade for other plants once they reach a more mature state.

Cinnamon Ferns

These native ferns are complete, beautiful plants. They grow in much wetter conditions apart from certain other woodland-based ferns.

Cinnamon ferns do very well in bogs and other wetland areas. Birds use their fronds for nest building due to their texture.These ferns are perfect for little pond areas in your flowerbeds or by a stream in your yard.

New York Ferns

New York ferns are soft and are yellowish-green in color.They form very thick ground covers, and their production can be rapid, so be sure not to let these become invasive.

It is recommended to separate them if they become too overgrown.They do very well in moist soils and mostly shaded environments.

Pick a Fern

Ferns are an easily manageable, beautiful addition to any yard or garden space.

Depending on the area of placement, you can have a few in shaded flowerbeds or a few by a flowing streambed.Add a natural forest feel to your home!