We ship dormant (as in  winter season stage) plants and trees, no leaves, foliage or greenery,  but they are alive. We only ship in the dormant season when it's safe. In the spring, they will be beautiful, leaf and green out.

We ship bare root plants

Bare root means no soil or container.

We ship out plants bare root to save you 400% on shipping costs. After all, who wants to pay for a pot and soil when you usually discard after planting. 

Just Opened Your Package and You Have a Problem?

If you have received your plants and there is any problem, please report the problem within 24 hours of receiving your plants.Send your order # and the nature of the problem to customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

1-Year Limited Warranty 


When you plant trees, shrubs, berry bushes or evergreens that is above the soils surface, they are shipped dormant, without greenery, foliage or blooms. To prive they are alive, they will green out when the other trees or shrubs in your yard greens out they should within 2 weeks after.

For Perennials, Ferns, Vines or Groundcovers

 If anything that is planted below the surface of the soil is planted and temps are above 70 degrees, 1-5% may come in that spring or summer but the majority of those will all come in the following spring. Please wait until your other plants comes up and give your new plants a couple extra week before calling to file a claim.

This is why we offer a 1 year warranty on all plants to prove to you in spring they are alive.

Warranty On "Wholesale" Categories

We have a wholesale catgory that plants are priced sometimes at or below our cost to move fast. We do not offer a live or grow warranty on these selections, only an "arrive alive" warranty for 24 hours after they have been delivered.

Other Disclosures 

1. We only offer a 1 time in store credit or reshipment on any shortages reported within 24 hours.

2. Our warranty does not cover multiple claims.

3. We are not responsible if you trash your plants and can not send us images for proof of dead plants.

4. Order refusals will not be credited or refunded. We ship bareroot plants and by the time they are delivered back to us, they are dead. It takes 2-3 weeks sometimes for order refusals to arrive back, we trash them.

5. No order cancellations are allowed once a product is dug and ready to ship out.

We Ship Dormant Bare Root Plants, They Make Look Dead, but They Aren't

We ship freshly dug plants that are dormant (no leaves, greenery, or foliage like in wintertime) bare root plants. They are not dead when received. 

Grass, Perennials and Fern Plants - For a safe transit, we often cut the tops down but they will return in spring. They overhead in transit in warm months and this keeps plants healthy to transplant.

Grass tops die as soon as they are planted, BUT they come back the following spring.  

Additional Charges On Your Card Reason

When you place an order, we estimate the shipping. But as you realize, the weight of plants fluctuates when we have rainfall, or some plants weigh more than others, and it's tough to determine a balanced weight until the plants are dug and packaged. You may see an extra charge when your order is shipped, which is the "at cost" shipping rate the carrier charges us; we will bill the additional shipping when your order ships out.

This is how dormant plants looks when you receive them - They are bare root and dormant and not supposted to have any foliage, leaves or blooms on them. See images below of what they should look like on arrival vrese in spring.

Bare-Root Plants: Image on the left is how our plants should look when you receive them. On the right is how they should look in spring.






Fern Plants








If they scratch the bark on a tree or shrub and the inside is brown or black it's dead see the image below this is dead.

We ship Bare Root Trees, Shrubs & Evergreen Conifers during the "Dormant" Season when plants do not have leaves, foliage, or blooms. They are not dead, just dormant till spring.

Scratch Test