Adding Lime To A Garden

Adding lime to a garden is essential for raising the PH level. Lime will also raise the alkaline levels in the soil and will be a great help when it comes to reducing the amount of water in the soil. For those dealing with a flooded garden, lime can eliminate excess moisture and restore the proper balance within any garden. Adding lime is a great way to restore the proper balance in the vegetable garden, such as yams, blueberries, and cabbage.

To add the right amount of lime to a garden, it is best to know the PH level. Electronic soil testers will allow gardeners to get a sense of what the PH levels are like. Mail-in testers are also an option, and there are manual testers. Gardeners can take a sample of dirt, anywhere from 4-6 inches in the ground. Mix in water with the soil sample and allow the mixture to sit for at least a half hour. You can dip a testing strip into the mixture, and gardeners can refer to the proper PH chart to get an accurate reading.

With a too acidic reading, it is necessary to add enough lime to raise the soil balance. At least ten pounds of lime every 100 sq ft. will raise the PH by 1 ½. Regarding more sandy soil, add four lbs of lime. Add eight lbs. of lime per sq. ft. For more loamy soil, add three lbs of lime every 100 sq. ft.

The best time to add lime to gardens is in the fall, after the latest harvest season. It is essential to remove any dead branches, leaves, or plants before adding lime. Dig up all the roots of dying plants as well. Use a spreader to disperse the amount of lime properly. It is best to apply in rows to ensure that the entire garden is covered correctly. Walking steadily in a straight line is essential to cover all areas. From there, it is essential to retest the balance in the soil. If it is not at the desired level, add the necessary amount and retest. The best period to retest the soil is every three months. Adding lime is an excellent way to ensure that the soil remains healthy and maintains a proper balance to ensure growth. Plant Nurseries can also help you with plant information.