Aquatic Plants Are Great At Keeping Your Pond Healthy

Aquatic Plants Are Great At Keeping Your Pond Healthy

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are a great way to keep your pond healthy and beautiful. Not only do these gorgeous plants add beauty near water sources, but they help shade water too. An aquatic plant is any plant adapted to living in a wet environment near freshwater or saltwater. These types of plants are referred to as macrophytes or hydrophytes.

What are the aquatic plant categories?

There are three main categories of aquatic plants. Each category differs in how the plant interacts with its closest water source. The categories include submerged, emergent, and free-floating. Submerged aquatic plants attach themselves to the bottom of ponds or other sources and grow straight to the water's source. Emergent aquatic plants grow near water sources such as the edges of creeks, rivers, or ponds. Free-floating plants float on a water's surface. The plants have roots entirely submerged in the water but don't attach to any surface.

Where do aquatic plants grow?

Aquatic plants have unique characteristics that allow them to survive submerged in water or at the water's surface. The only requirement for planting aquatic plants is that their roots are always saturated in water.

How much sunlight do aquatic plants need?

Like all plants, aquatic plants need sunlight to grow. Photosynthesis is vital to a plant's survival. However, aquatic plants do not need much sunlight, so that they will grow with little access to natural sunlight. For interior aquatic plants, such as those used in fish tanks, fluorescent lighting can replace natural sunlight to help them grow.

How do aquatic plants benefit water sources?

In addition to creating a beautiful landscape, aquatic plants offer benefits to water sources such as ponds. Some of the most significant benefits of using aquatic plants in or near a pond include:

Algae control

Erosion control

Better water quality (less fish waste)

Shade for fish during warm weather

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