Autumn's Leaves

Autumn Leaves are great to use in various ways for your garden. If you live in an area that sheds many leaves during the autumn season, then there is a way to use all of those extra leaves for your garden instead of simply bagging them up and throwing them away. Instead of raking leaves and bagging them for garbage pickup, mow over excess leaves and allow them to mulch in your gardening area. These crunched-up leaves will provide the necessary soil nutrients that your garden will need later on. You can also rake up leaves and store them for the springtime to make a compost pile. Brown materials like Fallen Autumn leaves are rare to come by in the spring and save money, so you won't have to buy brown materials from the store. You can store fallen leaves for the next season, pick up any excess leaves, and add them to any compost pile. Loose and dry leaves will make great brown material to make compost. Balance your leaves with green material like leftover plant clippings and grass mulch.

There should always be a good balance of brown and green materials to prevent foul odors and allow your compost to be loose and fertile. There should also not be any diseased plant material or any plants containing mold thrown in a compost pile. Mold and diseased plants will spread to any garden, so be careful with the type of leaves you throw in your compost pile. Ensure leaves contain no tiny insects when adding to a compost pile. If you look close enough, tiny insects reside on many leaves that like to feed on the foliage. That is evident by the tiny holes that are left in leaves. Check for any leaf holes or small insects before adding them to your garden or compost pile. These insects could breed in any pile, which could mean danger for your garden if you add compost piles containing an infestation of small insects.

You can also use leaves to make leaf mold which can be used to support the soil. You can use leaf mold to support soil health, and they are great for growing vegetable gardens. Just add leaf mold to any gardening area for about a year to add lushness to any soil bed. Autumn Leaves can also be used for mulch for extra plant nourishment and to prevent weeds from spreading.