Bare Root Trees Wholesale Nursery

Bare Root Trees Wholesale Nursery

Homeowners who want to provide themselves with a relaxing and attractive ambiance in their outdoor living space may be concerned about the prohibitive costs involved in purchasing trees, shrubs, and perennials from traditional nursery retailers. Others may want to use their backyards to grow some of their fruit to keep household food budgets down. Whatever the reason, buying bare-root plants from a wholesale nursery makes good financial sense. You can also enhance savings by finding a good online nursery to purchase plant materials from.


Bare root plants aren't as expensive as those in containers because the consumer isn't paying for the pots and soil necessary to keep them alive. Transplanting is also problematic with certain plants, and improper handling of the roots when transferring a plant from a container to the garden can quickly destroy the plant. For example, the tiny, delicate roots at the end of more massive roots can be essential to plant survival, and they are easily destroyed during the transplanting process.

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Plants that are sold bare-root are meant to be planted before they break dormancy. That means they can quickly and inexpensively be shipped to any location on the planet from the wholesale nursery where they originated. The ultimate health of the plant should purchase its bare root and plant it before it comes out of its dormant state.

Plants are much less likely to experience damage to their root systems during transplanting if they are planted while still in a dormant state. Examples of plants that you can purchase bare roots are most deciduous trees, roses, and bramble fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, loganberries, and Marionberries. Many standard border perennials can also be bought bare root and planted shortly after the final frost.


Homeowners who desire to have top-quality outdoor living spaces and those who want to grow a certain amount of their fruits should investigate the benefits of purchasing bare-root plants as opposed to those in containers. It's recommended that those who want to save money yet still retain quality search for an online nursery to fulfill their garden needs. Online nurseries don't have the overhead cost involved in operating traditional nurseries and can offer customers substantial savings.