Beautiful Blue Wisteria Plant

Beautiful Blue Wisteria Plant

Blue Wisteria

Blue Wisteria is a shrub that, at maturity, can reach 10 to 20 feet over the years, spreading out from 4-8 feet wide. Being one of the most beautiful and decorative trees to look at in a garden or yard, the Blue Wisteria is extremely easy to grow. This formidable tree requires little maintenance to be resistant to cold temperatures and accommodating to humid and warm temperatures. Blue Wisteria will often bloom after its juvenile stage into maturity. That will take a few years, and although of rapid growth, this strong tree will blossom three times a year.

The Blue Wisteria tree is proper for hardiness zones 5-9, it prefers moist soil and tolerates shade, but if you want to see the tree flourish vigorously, it prefers a place in the sun. The striking and exuberant tree bears its origins from China; it will grow as a vine and give away blue-violet flower clusters up to 12 inches long, resembling grape racemes, offering a sweet fragrance worthy of display.

Blue Wisteria has come into popularity and recognition for its ability to flower and the hardness that characterizes it season after season without losing the ability to be reborn with more strength and will. Its spectacular flower racemes are born early in summer with interval recess and then twice more blooms until fall.

This distinctive tree is perfect for decorating pergolas and fences; its lushness makes it able to hide any view not pleasant to look at. Its beautiful floral branches make it a piece of landscape decoration anywhere outside the home. It is worth having a Blue Wisteria crowning the center of a beautiful garden, or near a window, as the intense fragrance that characterizes it can perfume inside the house or a turnaround pedestrian walking by.

To obtain the great benefits of a striking tree, as is Blue Wisteria, planting it in the right place and pruning it when needed is very important to ensure its mighty blossom and to watch it grow with almost no maintenance and care. Make sure you do not plant it too close to other plants, as the lushness of the tree will overshadow them.

This beautiful tree is naturally grateful. If for some reason, the blooming was late or not at all, you can open a hole to the root of the tree and hurt it a bit. That will make the tree into a kind of reproduction shock and have the ability to stay alive and robust. Surely you will get the flowering that you so much wanted to see in your precious tree.

Spring planting is preferred. It will grow fast, watering only in the summer or drought seasons. Blue Wisterias can live up to 100 years, and as they are straightforward to maintain with the proper planting, they are significant assets to your beautiful landscape. A Blue Wisteria tree will increase your home's value and make a sight worth contemplating.