Benefits of Humus

Humus is degradable organic material. It is one of the best nutrients for your plants. Plant materials that comprise humus should always be healthy. There should be no disease in plant materials in nature. Humus will feed your soil the necessary plant nutrients that will help plants become healthier. Humus is organic and can come in different forms depending on the region. Humus comprises organic and plant matter that has mulched in the soil over time. Humus is not easy to make, so many people buy or make compost which is an easier way of providing direct stimulation to the soil.

Compost works in the same manner as hummus; the matter me to be broken down for good microbes to form. When making compost, you should always do it in layers to allow proper airflow. Compost should have the proper proportion before choosing to make. Too much compost will only rot over time.

You should always use compost immediately to reduce the chances that it will rot over time. If there is any leftover, seal it in a proper container. One way to add to the soil quality is to add banana peels to your soil. You can buy a variety of bananas and use the peels as natural compost. It is quick and easier to provide more nutritional value to your soil. Place a banana peel over the soil and allow it to degrade over time.

That is your way of making hummus by allowing organic matter to break down into the soil. Banana peels are rich in potassium and various other nutritional benefits. It will also encourage you to eat more bananas, which are also beneficial to your health. Other plants can be broken down quickly, but ensure that the plants do not contain insect eggs or fungus. These elements can get into the soil and potentially cause mold growth and other problems for your garden. Compost is the most direct way to add stimulation to the plant. It is the most natural way to add nutritional value to your soil and is crucial to maintaining an organic garden. You can break down various plants to benefit your garden, and it is a matter of choosing what is best for your plants.