Benefits Of Planting Trees

Planting Trees to Benefit the Environment and Economy

When you were a young child, you may have learned about the fantastic properties of trees from your elementary school teacher. A tree makes oxygen using photosynthesis, cleans the air, and produces food for wildlife. As you grew older, you may have lost interest in trees and their functions, perhaps taking them for granted or even dismissing them altogether as a nuisance that requires time-consuming regular maintenance.

You may not have learned in school that while trees are advantageous to the environment, they can positively impact the economy. Homeowners may be interested in the fact that planting a tree on your property reportedly raises appraisals by 17%. In addition, trees can beautify your commercial or residential property and provide welcome shade during the hottest months of the year.

Trees Are Beneficial in Every Landscape

Depending on where you're located, planting a tree or a group of trees has many different benefits. A tree cleans stagnant swamp areas in humid climates and may provide a bounty of edible food, such as citrus fruits, nuts, and olives. The right tree also produces food for wildlife, which may give you a fascinating view of the natural world. In large cities susceptible to smog and pollution, you may benefit from planting a leafy species that acts as a natural filtration system, provides oxygen, and cleans the air by removing carbon dioxide.

Raising Property Value with Healthy Trees

It's easy to increase your property value with gorgeous landscaping, including the addition of well-kept trees. Start with a sapling and ensure it receives the nutrients and water necessary to thrive. In a few short years, you'll find that your property is more aesthetically pleasing, and that the presence of a tree raises appraisals by 17%. An increase in property value can also affect the neighboring property, creating an overall positive economic impact in your community.

Buy Trees Online from A Reputable Online Nursery

By making trees an integral part of your landscaping, you can simultaneously positively influence the environment and raise your property value. No matter where you live, a professional online nursery can help you select a tree that cleans stagnant swamp areas, makes oxygen, and will thrive in your local climate. Indian Creek Nursery serves over 40,000 homeowners and business owners with quality and affordable landscaping trees and supplies.