Best Flowering Tree Choices

If you've been starved for color during a long winter, you know the value of flowering trees. Bursting with fragrance and the promise of new life, they brighten our lives and stimulate our senses. Enjoying flowering trees isn't just for the spring; with proper planning, you can enjoy new cycles of blossoming well into summer!

Eastern redbud and magnolia are among the earliest flowering trees you can plant. Redbud's vibrant pink and magnolia's creamy, waxy petals come and go before the trees begin to leaf. Reasonably hardy and long-lived, they have relatively short blooming periods treasured by gardeners and homeowners everywhere.

Among the select ornamental trees, the flowering dogwood is another must-have for your yard. There are hundreds of varieties of this tree, ranging from the bright pink Cherokee Brave to the lacy white Appalachian Spring cultivar. Dogwoods can bloom from mid-spring to mid-June in some regions. The Kousa dogwood is lovely, with a pale green cast that seems to glow in the dark.

Planted in groups, Yoshino cherry trees make a stunning display in April. Flowering in all shades of pink and white, they are a spring classic with a broad canopy and low branches. They tend to remain small, growing only to a height of 20 feet, making them an excellent tree for lining sidewalks or for smaller yards that need a pop of color.

Crabapple trees are another popular spring bloomer if you can tolerate the litter from the fruit that follows. Their petals flood on windy, rainy days, deep purple or bright pink. Their low shape makes them easy to prune and maintain, and they are extremely disease- and drought-resistant.

Empress trees are another excellent choice if you want a fast-growing flowering tree. Producing great swaths of purple blossoms makes a strong architectural statement in the landscape with minimal effort. Because its seeds profusely, it's considered invasive in some parts of the eastern and southern United States. Check with your regional Department of Agriculture office before planting one of these beauties.

Few things lift the heart, like the sight of a flowering tree. Whether you plant a single weeping cherry or a whole row of ornamental pears, dozens of combinations help you create a palette of color!

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