Best Privacy Evergreen Trees

Do you need an evergreen hedge or privacy border year-round by your home to promote privacy around your pool and playset or to make a border to separate your property from adjoining property owners? The Leyland Cypress tree is all that. It's a super fast-growing tree that spreads and makes a complete hedge for privacy in just a couple of years due to its fast-growing nature.

The Leyland cypress is terrible for getting bagworms on them, so you must be prepared when they reach greater heights. It's wise to keep insecticides handy in utility rooms or garages to spray those pesky pests when they invade your trees. You can apply the spray in a pump-up sprayer for less than 12.00 at the most local hardware store. They will also have herbicides and insecticides to fit your needs for almost any pest problem on your landscaping trees, shrubs, and plants. The local farmer's coop also has some helpful sprays to stop bugs and insects from damaging your trees and other plants. Fruit Trees are real susceptible to pests and must be sprayed periodically also.

White Pine Trees is another great privacy fence tree. It reaches over 25 feet tall and spreads into other plants when planted beside them. They also stay green year-round and are beautiful if you like to hang Christmas lights on trees to show your Christmas Spirit when that time comes around. Lights do not damage the trees, as some myths will tell you. They do absolutely no harm to a tree when you hang them on trees for decorations.

It is advised to plant them in large evergreen trees 8-10 feet apart so one will not take the necessary nutrients from the other and kill it to survive. Also, you need to plant them at least 10-12 feet away from a pool if you are planting beside them for a privacy wall hedge. Conifers hang onto their needles year-round and keep that lush greenery, but you will always have some needles that fall off in the winter and fall months to make new ones.