Evergreen Shrubs for Year-Round Charm

Whether you are someone who landscapes professionally or feels your home could use a little bit of help, there are always some areas that seem designed to drive you crazy. You might find that you have the entire yard set up how you want it, but then suddenly, you turn around and realize that there is a small space left unaccounted for. Small awkward areas can be hard to fill, but there are small bushes that come in.

When you are looking to fill an area and don't want to have the space be dead and dry come winter, you need to look at shrubs from the evergreen family. Evergreen shrubs are a great choice to keep an area looking green and lush all year round.

Flowers Everywhere

Sometimes, you would love to have flowers in a small area, but unfortunately, the shade from the house or another tree affects how light comes in. Fortunately, this is where flowering shrubs come in. Flowering shrubs burst into bloom with vivid colors every year, and you will find that this is a lovely way to add some visual contrast to the home you are trying to landscape.


Don't forget that small shrubs can also serve as border plants. Sometimes, what space needs is not filler but delineation. Unless you are going for a deliberately overgrown look, borders that separate different sections of your landscape can be instrumental and even essential. Border plants make this delineation very clear, and it gives your landscape a crisp and professional look.

Complimentary Planting

Remember that bushes are excellent complementary plants. They typically do not upstage the real stars of your garden, but they do not leave your home looking too stark or too empty. When you are looking at filling the small areas of your yard, you can find shrubs that are every height, every color, and every texture that you need. They provide a discreet type of filler guaranteed to give your landscape the effect you need.

When you think about your landscaping projects and what they need, make sure that you think about different types of shrubs used to fill in space. That is a great choice when you want an attractive but inexpensive option.