Correct Times To Plant

Any gardener knows it takes the right time to grow plants successfully. If you are unsure when to grow a particular plant, stop by your local nursery to get some helpful tips and information to steer you in the right direction. Most of the time, plants should be grown when the winter passes. Plants should not only be grown when winter passes, but they should be planted when there is no frost on the ground. No frost should be leftover on plants in the morning. If you step outside and see a layer of frost across your lawn and plants, you know that it is not a great time to raise new plants.

To know the exact time, purchase a calendar and find out when spring will begin. However, due to chaotic weather patterns, spring may not begin on an official day, so use the day that spring is supposed to be and keep an eye out for frost and chilled winds. Once you see that the frost has passed and the weather is more suitable for growing plants, then you can begin your planting process.

You can also purchase an outside thermometer to tell you the proper temperatures. Various garden thermometers will go great with any garden, and it is a quick way of getting a sense of the outside temperature when it comes to gardening. You can also use a regular thermometer and stick it inside the ground to know the ground temperature. The right temperature for many plants to grow is roughly 65 degrees, so if your thermometer reads around that temp range, you are in the clear regarding gardening. However, various plants may require different temperatures, so always make sure. Usually, the right temperature can be found in the spring. It is always best to begin planting in the early spring, so your plants have plenty of time to take advantage of available sunlight. The best time to plant is during the spring because it is this time of year when the amount of sunlight and temperature are suitable for plant growth. By planting in the early spring, your plants will also get direct sunlight, but be careful your plants do not get too much sun during the summer. The best time for plants to grow is during the early spring when the winter passes.