Cures For Damaged Garden

If your flower garden has been dug up by an animal or damaged in any way, there are ways to salvage your damaged garden. A damaged garden is not the end of the world. As long as the roots are healthy and intact, then your plants stand a chance of survival. First, ensure the roots are firmly planted back in the ground. If it is watering time, you may want to water the root a little before burying it. This will ensure that your roots get extra water after facing such trauma. If the soil bed has been dug up, then you may want to add some compost, fertilizer, or other ingredients that will support your plants. For an added layer of protection, you may want to add some mulch, preferably wood chip mulch, because of its hardness and it will be harder for animals to dig up. Many small animals like raccoons do not like the feel of wooden mulch on their feet. Mulch will also do your damaged garden some good since it will keep in heat and trap extra moisture, which is what your plants need if damaged.

Adding the necessary amount of fertilizer or compost will nurture the soil, which will benefit your plants as they try to recover. If plants have been torn or damaged, it is best to get some pruning shears to start cutting away any damaged leaves or petals. You do not have to go overboard in cutting, but getting rid of any torn or chewed leaves that the animal may have gotten hold of is a good idea. This will not only allow your plants to grow new petals and leaves, but it will also cut down on any bacteria from an animal’s saliva. Pruning also keeps plants trim and healthy so they can yield more healthy petals and leaves which is precisely what you want after dealing with a damaged garden. To keep your plants from being harmed in the future, you may want to think about setting up a barrier or using natural repellents that will keep any animals away. There are also screen domes that you can get from your local nursery or gardening center that will protect any plant. If gardening outdoors, every gardener will have to contend with a damaged garden, and regardless of how it happened, your plants are still salvageable, so do not panic.