Designing A Romantic Garden

Fall in Love with Your Garden

Are you a romantic at heart? If so, consider creating a Garden and Sustainable Landscape to reflect that side of your personality. The phrase “love is in the air” has never been more true than when you can sit back and take in the sweet aroma of roses in whole blood or the vivid imagery of an of flowers in shades of pink, purple, and red, augmented by lush, dew-kissed foliage. Imagine strolling along a stone pathway surrounded by many Plants and Flowers, suggesting romance. Maybe you’ve opted for a water source—a babbling stream of water or a regal fountain that lights up at night. A romantic garden is a perfect way to relieve the stress of the day, let your mind drift back in time, or daydream about those fantasies yet fulfilled.

Designing A Romantic Garden

Types of Romantic Gardens

A romantic garden doesn’t have to center around a specific theme, but there are certainly plenty to choose from. Of course, the traditional romantic approach features plenty of rose bushes, deep color tones, and iconic ornamental décor. There’s also the French romantic garden, which features a juxtaposition of country cottage style and plenty of stonework and sharply delineated hedges. Think of Ninfa in Italy, billed as the world’s most romantic garden, with its ruins, rare flowers, and waterfalls. Any of these ideas can be used as a foundation for your garden. You might even use the best ideas from each of them to create your breathtaking landscape and garden.

Designing A Romantic Garden

Romantic Architecture and Ornamental Elements

Marble statues, trellises, benches, and quaint wooden bridges over a source of water are some of the architectural and ornamental elements that can help give your landscape a romantic touch. A meandering pathway made of cobblestone or brick can also lend an air of romance to the landscape. Wrought iron trellises with climbing vines entwined make ideal accents as well. Whatever elements you choose, aim for a welcoming, stress-free environment that will entice you to sit and dream away your troubles.

Designing A Romantic Garden

Romantic Flowers, Plants, and Foliage

Rose bushes are an obvious (but still suitable) choice. There’s no need to limit yourself, though. Gardenias are fragrant, and the whorl effect is visually appealing. Lilies in Greek poetry were a symbol of tenderness; They represent purity and innocence, making them ideal for a romantic setting. Pink carnations, irises, and aster are also suitable choices.

Ferns are an excellent way to add depth and character to a romantic setting. Ferns come in various shapes and textures, with shades of green ranging from pale to an almost waxy dark green. Ferns are inviting and help add variation to a landscape by dividing colors and highlighting the flower elements of your garden. Utilize green non-flowering plants in the same way you use ferns. Vines are also a welcome addition to your romantic garden. Their climbing and entwining characteristics make them symbolically ideal for romance.

Pulling It All Together

You'll want to suggest romance, friendship, love—all of these elements as you bring together the components of your garden. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Allow yourself to be swept away. Where does your mind take you? That is the botanical world you want to create.

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