Easiest Perennials In Gardening

Easiest Perennials In Gardening

Opting for the easy perennials in gardening saves you time and requires little soil preparation. Gardening takes its share of time, and there are so many other things in your life to do. Nevertheless, you want an attractive landscape for your home, and perennials give that to your home garden. These flowers make gardening easy for the novice or the expert. Seeds grow with little work; they only need water and sun.


The daylily makes large 4-inch blossoms, decorating your garden when other flowers are waning. It is nice to keep a sprinkling of flowers that grow throughout the season, and this perennial picks up where other blooms leave off.

Grows 2 feet

Lots of suns

3 to 9 growth area

Virginia Blue Bells:

That is a lovely blue flower shaped in the form of a bell. It lives up to its name with its exciting shape. This flower provides a great way to watch hummingbirds. Bees and butterflies love these flowers.

Grow 1 1/2 inches high

Blue flowers bell-shaped

The plant grows in groups


Coneflowers are wildflowers requiring little water and enduring arid conditions. This easy-to-grow flower is especially fun to grow if you love watching nature. It attracts butterflies and birds, creating a pleasant environment around your home. This flower is handicapped by a few pests and is now available in several colors.

Loves sun

Grow 1 to 2 To feet in width

About 2 feet in height

Resist bugs

Grows best in spring

Grow in pots or beds


Violet perennials grow in many varieties. Hyssops and Phylox Dusterlohes are only a few. This flower smells nice and grows in lovely bunches. Like most perennials, bees and butterflies love the nectar.

Grows 4 inches high

Blooms in the middle to late summer

Attracts bees and butterflies


Trillium is an impressive perennial. It is pretty lovely and grows in a variety of colors. A beautiful yellow, blue or white will make your garden look unique. The leaves of this flower are a luscious green and look great when placed in decorative clusters.

Grows 1 foot

1 foot in width

Part sun/ part shade

Blooms during spring

Plant a great garden with perennials. Cultivating beautiful flowers keeps your yard looking gorgeous. These plants are staggered, timekeeping flowers growing when one group stops. The difference in growth stages keeps a vibrant range of colors around, which brightens the borders of your property.