Evergreens is beautiful and lush. In the dull, bleak days of winter, evergreens add a vibrant color. Some of the most elegant homes choose various kinds of fir and long needle pines to provide privacy. Notice some of the oldest Victorian homes. Most are ringed by a privacy fence comprised entirely of one or more types of pine-scented trees. Stately, homes are accented by large.

The Idyllic Evergreen Tree Privacy Fence

In many municipalities, fencing height may not exceed six feet. Evergreen trees provide an excellent option for taller, live fencing. Choose evergreen trees that suit the style of the home. Evergreen conifers make lovely accents to a well-appointed residential landscape. When choosing evergreen conifers, take note of the shape and contour and the hue of the needles. Remember that sturdy, thick needles emit a lovely pine scent, while long, thin needles may provide a more dense shade and privacy.

New Homes And Faster Growing Evergreen Trees

Certain evergreen conifers do not experience fast growth. If faster-growing trees are essential, look to Leyland cypress, spruce pine, and white pine to fill the need for a thick privacy fence to reduce noise or reduce streetlamp glare. Leyland cypress, spruce pine, and white pine provide dark green needles and sturdy trunks. Each of these trees requires little care and prefers soil with good drainage. Plant deep in the soil to allow roots to expand naturally.

A Pine For Every Pine Tree Lover

Leyland Cyprus, spruce, and white pine all give the front or backyard an unmistakable country appeal. White and spruce pine proliferate and are some of the tallest pine genera. Leyland Cyprus trees have unmistakable fronds that appear in delicate wisps from each extended branch. Spruce pines are noted for their pronounced pyramidal shape and branches that extend ever upward in their quest for sunlight and moisture. White pines are also the most fire-resistant among pines. They have lovely, feathery long needles and beautiful elongated pine cones. These pine cones are prized for their scent and decorative appeal in wreaths, centerpieces, and ornaments.

Creating A Wall Or Fence From Pines

For gardeners looking for a new hobby, it may be time to consider articulating talent into landscaping design. Consider planting a wall of Leyland Cyprus around the swimming pool area. That would keep local prying eyes from denying full enjoyment of a romantic swim in the moonlight. If too much light pollution is a problem, the answer is a property ringed with dense pines, like white or spruce—this lasts a lifetime with a reasonable amount of care and protection from weather extremes.