Fall Landscaping

Fall Landscaping

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Look no further if you want to try it in your garden or landscape area during the fall months! Transform your yard into something truly unique and visually striking. Adding some larger shrubs and smaller trees to create a natural screen can add depth to your garden. These are especially great for those with more miniature landscapes because they will make your yard seem more significant and profound.

Try the Golden Japanese Maple for some excellent color

Also, add some evergreens to the mix. That will help give you year-round privacy and color and are the perfect thing to help highlight and accent your other flowers and shrubs in the garden. Also, before planting anything, make sure to plant things that grow into different shapes to help keep a variety in the area. Remember, plants have different habits, such as growing upright, weeping, or even mounted. Also, think about adding some groundcovers.

Not only will this help with adding color. Many of these ground covers will give you color throughout the year, such as the cranberry cotoneaster, and you can even train some groundcovers to grow on structures like trellises. The structure is also essential in your garden. You are adding an arbor, fence, or retaining wall standout. Some of these can get pricey.

So, make sure to research what will suit your garden and your budget. You also want to think about adding plants that will stagger in their blooming periods. That will give you color throughout the year and ensure your garden always looks beautiful and full of life. Another great idea is to pick a plant that stands out with its unusual shape, color, or other feature.

The Blue Sausage Fruit is perfect!

Try one of these fabulous ideas for your fall landscape, make your garden or landscape area stand out, and envy your neighborhood!

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