Family Gardening With Plants

Family Fun in Gardening

Getting the whole family involved in planting and caring for a garden is a fun activity that lets you spend time together. Planting Garden plants helps Involve your children, helps them appreciate where their food comes from, learn how plants are grown and can encourage them to eat more vegetables because they have had a hand in helping them grow. Follow a few tips to get everyone excited about helping in the garden.

Let everyone pick out something to plant

If you have picky eaters in your home, it might seem impossible to get them to eat their vegetables. Most people have at least one food they will eat that can be grown in the vegetable plant garden, whether sunflower seeds, corn, or green beans. Take everyone to the store when you shop for garden plants and seeds, and let each person pick out a specific kind that they will care for and eat. Point out how kind it is to try each other’s unique foods, and you might even get them to try something new.

Get everyone their tools

Each family member should have garden gloves and even garden tools. Young children will like pulling on their special gloves to help out, and a small basket with a hand rake, trowel, and spray bottle with vinegar water can help encourage them to use each tool to care for their plants. Explain to them how different bugs affect plants, so they know which bugs are harmful and suitable for your garden. They may be surprised that spiders are good bugs!

Set a schedule

Create a schedule to set aside time for gardening together, and hang it somewhere everyone can see it. If you plan to go to the garden for one hour each Saturday, put it on the calendar so everyone can plan and get excited to help. Schedules are a great way to ensure everyone has time to work on the garden together. You can also add watering times to the garden calendar, so you don’t forget to keep your plants well-watered and healthy.

Letting each member of your family recognize that she is a unique part of a team is an excellent way to let everyone feel appreciated and necessary. If everyone feels like part of the team, from planning to picking, a family garden is a great way to spend time together.