Garden Pests

Before gardening or planting any fruit or vegetable, it is essential to know which garden pests will be your enemy when preserving your garden's integrity. Garden pests such as weevils, snails, aphids, and ants will all be after your garden. If you are growing vegetables from the ground, it is essential to protect your garden area with natural pesticides that will not harm people, domestic animals, and plants.

There seems to be a garden pest unique to any plant or vegetable: corn, earworms, onion maggots, cabbage maggots, cucumber beetles, sweet potato beetles, and many other bugs are uniquely tailored to getting on food and destroying crops. The good news is that many of these bugs are only found on large farms and rural areas, but that will not stop them or other pests from finding a way into your garden.

More common garden pests that you may have to contend with are aphids that love to suck the nutrients out of plants and leave behind a natural substance called honeydew, which also attracts ants. There are also horse and fruit flies that sit on precious plants and vegetables, spreading disease while laying eggs. Do not forget slugs, grasshoppers, and earwigs who love to get on leafy greens and munch on them all day. There are underground pests in the form of root maggots that love to feed on the roots of many vegetables. Root maggots are garden pests that are hard to detect since they are hidden underground and cannot be seen doing extensive damage to your plants. Many other garden pests will have to contend with when trying to raise plant life, and do not forget the larger garden pests like deer and raccoons, who are always on the prowl for a meal.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are simple methods you can use to prevent the spread of garden pests. There is no need to spray your yard with synthetic chemicals and kill everything in sight—a target that ruins your garden and finds natural ways to kill them. There are many home remedy pesticides that you may have in your very own kitchen that will kill these pests. You can spray these natural pesticides on your plants and around your yard to keep garden pests away forever. You can also use nature to your advantage by encouraging the presence of ladybugs and lace-wigs that will eat many of the garden pests you are trying to get rid of. You may buy these bugs or avoid using synthetic pesticides to encourage good bugs to visit you. For larger animals, you can use natural animal repellants to keep your garden safe while ensuring the animals stay away.