Gardening and Human Health

If you have dieting problems, you may want to consider eating fruits and veggies from your garden. Growing organic plants from the ground contains more nutrients than supermarket variety vegetables. The fruits and veggies from the grocery stores are diluted due to substandard soil, not to mention that many plant foods sold in grocery stores are genetically modified. The unnatural gene manipulation of fruits and vegetables is unhealthy because these vegetables are lab tested and then passed on to the consumer. Every fruit and vegetable should be grown from the ground or plucked from trees; any plant not grown from the natural environment is simply a scientific experiment. If you want to get off the grid when it comes to staying away from GMO foods, begin growing a vegetable garden, and if you already have a flower garden, switch over to plants that will give you a steady supply of fruits and veggies. You will find that naturally grown fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and nutrients to keep your body whole. Processed sugar is nothing more than empty calories that will keep you hungry. You may think that you are getting full from honey buns and snack cakes, but the ingredients in those sweets do not offer your body anything substantial, which is why you are always going back to the fridge for that second piece of cake. The more you eat these foods that contain hollow ingredients, the more weight you gain. Growing fruits and veggies can solve this with natural nutrients because your body will naturally gravitate towards food that will give you natural sustenance. You will not only get the nutrition you need, but your body will remain whole. If interested in growing some organic foods, stop by your local nursery and check the seed packages to make sure they read organic. Just think of the favorite fruits and veggies that you love to eat and begin growing.