Gardening with Arthritis

Gardening with Arthritis

The gardening process is challenging because it requires bending, lifting, and digging heavily to make room for plants.

It can be challenging to deal with arthritis and other aches and pains. It can be a challenging venture to deal with, especially for gardeners who love to spend time gardening. However, there are easy answers to getting advanced gardening tools that will save gardeners time and energy. Getting efficient equipment will ease the stress on the body and help gardeners take care of their plants while keeping their bodies in mind. Instead of buying a tiller, try getting a rototiller that will save gardeners from bending down and endlessly digging into attaining the right soil level. Roto tillers also allow gardeners to stand up instead of bending down. All you need to do is walk along in a straight row as the tiller does its job, much in the same way as a mower. That is great for those with back or knee problems, and it will save gardeners from using their muscles to make the ground more fertile.

Tilling by hand can be rough, and not every gardener can handle it if they are coping with disease or age.

Try to find other automated and efficient gardening tools to save you from working much harder. Electronic soil testers are a great alternative instead of testing soil by hand. The standard testing process requires mixing and using test strips to get the right results. That will also save you from using mail-in testers, which can take quite a while when waiting for the results. With an electronic soil tester, you can get the right PH balance that will allow you to get an accurate reading so you know what type of soil nutrients to place in your garden. Regarding soil nutrients, try to buy everything in bags instead of making compost or fertilizer by hand.

Making compost or organic fertilizer by hand is a rewarding process.

It can benefit your plants, but there are bag varieties of soil, fertilizer, and compost that are just as healthy and will get the job done when it comes to protecting plants. Always check the ingredients to ensure that the gardening materials are not too acidic or harmful to your plants.