Ginseng Miracle

North American Wild Collected Ginseng

There are several varieties of the Panax herb, which is more commonly referred to as ginseng. One of the more potent and medicinally beneficial varieties, known as American, is native to many parts of the United States and Canada. It grows naturally in the forests and is highly sought after for its many uses. The wild-grown and collected plants are increasingly hard to find. They have been collected to the point of near extinction in many places.

Fortunately, regulations have protected the wild-grown variety from excessive harvesting. People can now obtain it on the market to be processed for its health and medicinal benefits. Collected plants that were not cultivated, but harvested in their natural habitat, are generally older and have more extensive roots. That is an advantage in any herb since the active ingredients of this herb used in supplements and remedies are found only in the roots.

There are many medicinal benefits of wild-grown North American ginseng. That includes boosting the immune system, stimulating the entire body and its functions, and fighting infections. This herb is effective against specific infections, such as those affecting the intestines, HIV, and those often associated with cystic fibrosis. However, one of the most common uses is to give men energy boost who want more vigor or who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Remedies containing this herb are also given to those who suffer from anemia or low iron levels in the blood, insomnia, and diabetes. Sometimes, it can also help people who experience joint pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, and dizziness. Another of the many benefits noticed by researchers in recent years is that people diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, can better focus and calm down when given ginseng.

However, recent studies on the North American variety of this herb have also indicated that there could be beneficial in many other ways. Among these is lowering blood pressure for people who have slightly above normal levels, reducing inflammation of the stomach lining and colon, and even improving memory. After a night of drinking, it is also an excellent remedy for reducing hangover symptoms.