Growing an Apple Tree from Seed

If you have the land and time, growing apple trees is an excellent way to have a steady supply of fruit while having lush foliage in your gardening area. You will not have to worry about ground pests when growing apple trees, and there is less risk of mold contamination. They can be grown by starter plants or from the seeds. If you want to grow from the seed, take any apple seeds and place them in the refrigerator. After six weeks, they should begin to sprout. Be sure to fold the seeds in a paper towel and tuck them in a plastic bag. It is a good idea to plant many seeds since only thirty percent of the seeds will germinate. You can purchase seeds at a local nursery, or you can save any apple seeds you buy from the store.

Take the sprouted seeds and place them in a potted plant with the right amount of soil. While growing indoors, ensure the plant is by a window sill to get plenty of sunlight. It is best to grow the apple plant indoors when it is fragile. Be sure to check with your local nursery to see what soil is best for growing apples from the seeds. When the seed grows into a healthy plant, bring it outside, and place it in an area where the plant will get at least twelve hours of sunlight. Do not worry about the apple tree during the winter season since apple trees need the cold to thrive. Make sure to fertilize every year, usually around the fall season. It will typically take a few years for apple trees to produce fruit. Sometimes the seedling may taste drastically different from the host fruit, but the apples produced will still taste good.

Anyone who likes to make cider or apple pie could use a consistent supply of apples instead of constantly buying them. An apple tree will come in handy during the fall or holiday seasons. There is a great chance to experiment with all kinds of apple-related recipes with many apples at your disposal. It is excellent to grow if you have plenty of lands and want to grow directly. Growing apple trees is great for beginning gardeners who want to try to grow hardwood plants.