Grub Worms On Plants Low Price

Though worms can enrich your soil and provide the ground with natural fertilizer, you must distinguish which worms are good and evil. Earthworms will dig natural tunnels underground, which loosens soil so plant roots can spread out and grow. Grubs are different from earthworms since they are beetle larvae that make their living underground and eat roots. Grubs feed by eating roots that damage lawns; if not careful, these worms can reach your garden bed, destroying the roots of your favorite plants. Regular treating of your lawn is an excellent way to get rid of grubs, but you also risk killing off earthworms and ladybugs, both of which are beneficial to your garden. Ladybugs eat pest larvae that feed on your flowers and plant food. The best way to get rid of grubs is to target them specifically. There are natural ways to get rid of grubs without destroying the natural environment of your garden by using natural pesticides that will harm grubs alone. Milky Spore is organic bacteria that targets and kills grubs alone without killing friendly worms and insects. Milky Spore is safe to use around water and will not harm your plants. Nematode solution is another method of targeting and killing grubs; they are not harmful to anyone or anything except grubs. If you see many grubs on your lawn, scoop up a half cup of them and submerge them in water. Once they drown, add two more cups of water and liquid dish detergent to stay around plants to repel grubs. If you don’t like the business of handling grubs, then get a cup of Listerine and add two cups of lemon juice to spray around your garden. Concentrated nicotine is also a great natural way to kill grubs. The most natural way to get rid of grubs without costing you a dime is to let them be and allow predators like frogs, bats, and birds to come in and get rid of grubs for you. Suppose it may also be a good idea to attract more giant animals like moles and other small animals known to dig for grubs. Allowing larger animals to eat grubs is perfect for horrible infestations. There are times when nature can be your best ally when it comes to maintaining your garden. There are many natural ways to kill off grubs without harming the insects and worms that will significantly benefit your garden.