How To Use Old Plants

Over time plants will come to lose their nutrient base through harsh weather and natural deterioration. Plants have a life span that can last longer than two years, with some living shorter. However, there are things gardeners can do to keep old plants alive and recycle them. The first is ensuring the nutrient base is constantly replenished with fresh nutrients. All plants should have a base of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to keep plants alive and thriving. Older plants will need the nutrient levels so the roots can keep nourishing the plant.

Some plants may come to the end of their natural span, and there may be nothing you can do. You can, however, extract any seeds from the old plant to start an entirely new garden. That will allow you to garden a new variety of plants while giving you something to do. Consider recycling old plants to use for compost. Be sure. However, that old plants are not diseased or do not contain any mold or harmful bacterial growth. Recycling old plants to use as compost to support newer plants is a great way to reuse what you have instead of spending money.

If you find that your older plants are starting to die out, naturally allow them to end their lifespan. We may not think of plants as having a lifespan, but they have certain classifications. Annual plants only live one year, biennial plants can live in more than one area, and perennials can live over two years. If your plant is dying and has gardened it for a while, it may be at its lifespan. It will be sad to see your old plants die out, but there are ways to use them and carry on their legacy through their seeds. You should recycle every plant unless it is diseased in some way. Old plants will allow you to use them as recycled material to support newer plants. New plants need as much healthy plant material as possible to grow effectively. Recycling old plants as soft mulch or compost is a great way to save money and help newer plants grow. There are many valuable ways to use old plants to your advantage so take it as a chance to grow newer and healthier plants that will last for a long time.