Money-Saving Tips

Money-Saving Tips

People grow garden plants for a variety of reasons. Some are grown for aesthetic purposes, to bring a bit of life to an otherwise bare and empty wasteland. Others are grown for practical purposes, to provide sustenance on the table, or keep away pesky bugs from home. No matter the location, adding a bit of green and color to one's home is possible. For the landscaper on a budget, it pays to be creative and to look for bargains. But just because the budget may be tight does not mean the garden has to look like it.

Thankfully the bargains are easy to find if one knows where to look. And while the size of the area does have some bearing on the total cost for the supplies, the most significant factor can be the desired look and use. Is it to be a private oasis or functional as a food garden? Or what if space is to be a combination of both?

You can find the best options and plants at a plant nursery. Often plants that have been in pots for an extended period will be marked down. They still have a lot of life left in them and will thrive once they are planted back in the ground, but they also reflect that they aren't fresh and are no longer in their prime.

Also, pay attention to the seasons. Frequently a particular plant may be marked down simply because it is past the prime planting window. The plant is still healthy and will flourish very well. It just isn't fresh.

A plant nursery can also be the best source of free advice. The staff is committed to maintaining the health of garden plants. They know which ones are native to a specific region and can become invasive species. With just a few questions from the hopeful landscaper, they will advise which ones will best suit the space. They can also offer tips about insects. Not all are harmful. Some are a gardener's best friends.

The bargain shopper on a tight budget is not looking to be on the cover of a gardening magazine. All that is wanted is just a little bit of an oasis outside the back door.