Peach Tree

Peach trees are one of the more complex plants to grow because they need to be suitable for growing well. Peach Trees can thrive in climate zones 5-10, but check your local USDA map to see if your area is within the habitable range. Peaches are a great fruit to have in your diet, especially nourishing freshly grown peaches from the ground. Gardeners that like a bit of a challenge when it comes to raising plants will enjoy growing peach trees. Gardeners have the choice of growing from the seed or planting starter plants. You can get starter plants from local nurseries or order them online. Seeds will take 3-4 years to grow, but purchase a peach plant if you want faster results. Since peace trees are not easy to grow, you recommend buying several seeds or plants to spread out your chances of success.

The best way to plant seeds is during the early fall. Make sure the ground is free of any weeds and debris. You can make a slight crack in the pit and expose the seeds, but be sure not to damage the seed itself. That will allow the seed to grow and germinate quicker. Peach pits contain poison, so do not consume them and keep them away from pets and children. That is a natural defense mechanism that plants use to fend off predators. It would help if you planted the peach pits at least four inches in the ground. Place a marker near your seed so you remember where it is. Lay some mulch around the ground to protect the seed from weeds and keep in the necessary moisture and heat.

When growing peach trees, the most important thing is to water regularly, and you should keep a lookout for insects like aphids who like to suck the nutrients out of trees. If planting a starter plant, you may want to place a protective screen dome specially designed for plants. That is a temporary measure to secure plant growth and protect your peach tree from pests while growing. These screens will also retain heat and moisture, which will significantly benefit your plant. You can find these domes at any local gardening center or nursery. Fruit fertilizer spikes are a great way to enhance plant growth. Peach trees are simple to plant, but they require a careful eye, and the climate needs to be suitable for successful growth.