Perennials, Annuals and Ferns

Perennials vs. Annuals

Perennials are always the right choice when you want flowering plants to return year after year without replanting. Annuals, you must replant every year because they die. There is nothing quite so beautiful as Perennials and Fern in a shady area that comes up year after year without replanting.

Annuals are beautiful but not as hardy as perennials. Annuals are not as drought resistant. There is no need to spend hard-earned cash year after year on annuals. Not only are perennials more cost-effective, but they are often multiply. With today's economy, you can achieve lasting beauty with minimal cost.

Perennial gardens can be arranged so that something is always in bloom and surrounded by beautiful lasting greenery such as ferns and exotic grasses. Your garden will always be colorful, from bluebells blooming in early spring to butterfly plants blooming in late summer. Take this beautiful garden of blooms and garnish it with green fern and grasses for a beautiful garden dish.